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Monterey Emergency Response Radios

Systems for Protection

With the help of the Community Emergency Response Volunteers, Monterey CERT just received six VHF/UHF, dual-band antennas for the six neighborhood containers that do not have qualified Dual Band antennas.

How Emergency Response Radios Impact Disaster Situations

The Emergency Response Radio is a system that operates similarly to a cell phone. It pinpoints the locations of first responders and sends the information back to a command center or dispatch. In an emergency event, this data can be used to locate and deploy rescue efforts to reduce the number of injuries or fatalities that could occur during a disaster - increasing communications between rescuers and those in danger.

How to Use A Handheld Radio

Learn how to use the Wouxun KG-UV3X Pro Dual Band VHF/UHF 125 Channel Handheld Commercial Radio with Greg Netzorg. Ideal for Fire, Police, FEMA, CAP, security patrols, business communications, schools, construction crews, universities, Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and other organizations that have FCC licensed frequencies.

This tutorial video describes direct radio-to-radio (simplex) and repeater (duplex) radio communications, explains what all the buttons on the Wouxun 3X Pro radio do, how the radio should be configured in different situations, and guidance on radio use best-practices.

Advancements for Better Support Systems

The prior operating radio frequencies used by Monterey CERT were VHF only. With the Monterey Fire Department’s help, Monterey CERT was able to add a repeater to boost the service area's radio coverage. But the repeaters operate on UHF, which is a difference in frequency and wavelength. Because the current non-dual band antennas can harm the base station radios in these containers, literally burn them up, Monterey CERT has programmed these radios not to be able to broadcast or transmit to the repeater. These six containers base station radios could not participate with Monterey CERT's increased radio capabilities.

Base Station Wide Coverage VHF/UHF Dual Band Antenna for Commercial, Public Safety & Amateur Radio


New Service Areas

Monterey CERT Containers with new Radio Antennas:

  1. Casa Nova Oak Knoll Park
  2. Del Monte Beach
  3. Old Town
  4. Foothill School
  5. Hilltop Park
  6. Fire Station #3

The antennas were placed at the containers that needed these antennas to be able to safely broadcast to the repeater.

Monterey CERT emergency response container base radio for communications

Network Preparation and Operations

The Radio Committee has deployed the antennae's and re-programed the relevant radios with these six antennas.

On Sunday, July 18th a serious house fire started in the 600 block of Pine Street in Monterey.  Several units from the Monterey Fire Department responded to control the fire. CERT members responded to provide hydration and protein bars to firefighters. CERT also assisted with traffic control, freeing several police units that were on scene. A down power line made scene safety a huge priority!

Monterey Community Emergency Response to California Fire

The new CERT radio repeater was used to contact CERT members and organize their response. The CERT trailer was also deployed to the scene.



Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC)


Local Organization CFMC Provided Support

CERV of the Monterey Peninsula received the grant that helped facilitate these emergency response antennas from the Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC) through the Monterey County Fire Relief Fund. 

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