About Us

About Us


Promote and sustain preparedness, readiness and response to emergencies and critical events by: 

  • Supporting local CERT programs in maintaining a full readiness status, their personnel, needed equipment, and supplies to function when activated; 

  • Working to build public awareness of the importance of  planning/preparing for emergencies; 

  • Promoting individual and community capacity to respond to local disasters and emergencies; 

  • Utilizing volunteers to keep the focus of funding on projects versus paid staff and infrastructure. ​

CERV Board of Directors

K. Lee Whitney, Banker (Wells Fargo, ret.), Volunteer Carmel Police DepartmentCERT Volunteer, Monterey

Sarah_BlackstoneSarah W. Blackstone, President (Ret). - Augmentative Communication, Inc., Speech-language Pathologist, CERT Zone Captain, Monterey County Office of Emergency Services Access and Functional Needs Working Group, Monterey

Charles Chambers, Central Coast Community Partnership Coordinator, (Ret). Family Ties Program, Kinship Center, Monterey County AFN Working Group, Salinas

Sean_BrownleeSean Brownlee, CEO - RavenoxU.S. Marine Corps Special OperationsCERT Logistics Manager, CERT Zone CaptainCERT Steering Committee,  Monterey

CERV Advisory Council

Harvey Pressman, President, Central Coast Children’s Foundation, Educator,CERT Volunteer,Monterey 

Michael P. Brassfield, Chief Deputy (Ret.), Monterey Co. Sheriff’s Office and MPB, Inc. Consulting (Public Safety, Training, and Emergency Management Services), CERT Steering Committee, Monterey 

Alexandra Albin, Disabled Patient Advocate, Higher Education New Media Specialist, Crisis Mapping Volunteer, Monterey

Michael Castaneda, MPH, Ed.D., Monterey

John Spooner, Monterey