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Emergency Preparedness and Response Refresher Videos

The following videos are useful both for learning some of the fundamentals of Emergency Preparedness and Response, and as a “refresher course” for those who may have been trained in Emergency Preparedness sometime in the distant past.

1. How to Assemble a Disaster Preparedness Kit- FEMA

A disaster preparedness kit is especially important for those living in areas that regularly experience natural catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes. The items in this video can be found in your home today. 

2. Emergency Triage:

This video explains how triage works and when patients should be attended to during an emergency.

3. How to put out a grease fire safely:

Your initial response to a fire might likely be to throw water on it. But this is the wrong response for grease fires. Watch this video to see why.

4. How to Treat a Victim in Shock:

Shock is common in most traumatic A few simple steps shown in this video can help keep those in a crisis situation calm.

5. Stroke

This video teaches you what exactly causes a stroke, symptoms, and tips for response.

6. Heart Attacks

This video teaches you what exactly causes a heart attack, symptoms, and tips for response.

7. Earthquake Escape

Learn a few survival tips after an earthquake from the ultimate survivor, Bear Grylls.

8. How to Apply a Pressure Bandage

This video shows how quick and easy it is to provide treatment for a wound. The paramedic also gives tips on what not to do.

9. Continuous Chest Compression CPR - Mayo Clinic Presentation

This new form of CPR can save more lives. It’s easier than the old form of CPR.

10.  Head and Spinal Injuries

The wrong first aid response to head and spinal injuries can cause more damage. This video shows how to properly respond to a delicate injury.

11.  How to Apply a Shoulder Sling

The paramedic walks viewers through the entire process of making a shoulder sling. He also suggests household items that can be used.

12.   How to Use a Pillow as a Splint

A great video on how to use a pillow that can be found in any house and used for both arm and leg fractures.

13. Emergency Roadside Kit-DIY:

People spend an average of 2 hours in their car Be prepared for the unexpected with this do-it-yourself video.


14. Emergency Preparedness: Calculating Emergency Food Rations

Learn how to choose the right food to store for emergency.

15.  Flood Preparedness

If you live in a flood prone region watch this video for tips on how to prepare your family and your property.

16.  How to Treat a Victim Having a Seizure

This video teaches us common causes of seizures and offers tips when experiences different scenarios. It’s important to realize that the person suffering a seizure has no control of the situation and you should stay with them until help arrives.

17.  Heat Stroke

This video teaches you what exactly causes a heat stroke, symptoms, and tips for response.