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Wildfire Season Preparedness

Director of CERV Engaging in Speaking Events in Preparation for 2021

CERV Board Members Including Mr. Harvey Pressman, Guest Speaker for CFMC Preparedness Webinar

Harvey Pressman, Director of CERV’s Listos California project for Monterey County, will be presenting at the Wildfire Season Preparedness Webinar of the Community Foundation of Monterey County (CFMC) on Friday, June 25, 2021, at 1 P. M. The CFMC is a charitable organization that provides grants and assistance to the community when in need. 

Strengthening Readiness and Creating Plans

Getting everyone involved in creating a plan for preparedness.

Pressman will be focusing mainly on the many useful resources available to people who want to enhance their wildfire readiness before the inevitable 2021 wildfires hit, but will also be covering some broader sources on long-term prevention and recovery. CERV of the Monterey Peninsula offers a wealth of information about preparedness during a disaster. We provide detailed resources about preparedness tactics for specific and individual needs as well including evacuation plans and how to protect your home. 

Readiness, Protection, and Resources

CERV - Emergency Response Plan

Pressman’s new Wildfire Resource Essay begins to unpack and break down the many layers of wildfire prevention and offers a variety of different resources on how to prepare for a wildfire. It also gives details about the importance of wildfires and an analysis of homes that were hardened and the outcome after a wildfire. Most importantly, Pressman discusses the resources made available to residents to help begin and see through the recovery process.  

Increasing Awareness and Safety

Community Members - Coming Together to Raise Awareness

CERV of the Monterey Peninsula always strives toward meeting and even exceeding the mission that they set forth to fulfill. We are passionate about helping raise awareness for emergency readiness, providing information on the best practices for the preparation of families and homes as well as businesses, and providing resources for recovery through our website and other media platforms. Mr. Pressman’s involvement in speaking at the CFMC is helping push toward the goal of reaching all residents in Monterey and helping increase wildfire preparedness for the wildfires that are sure to come. 

Wildfire Preparedness Event Participation

Firefighters taking wildfire preparations and precautions.

This event is hosted by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) of the Community Foundation for Monterey County with a mission to help communities prepare for and respond to wildfire emergencies. The goal is to support preparation so that recovery is as uncomplicated as possible. But no matter the situation, we are working hard to make sure that  Monterey County prepares together to protect our beautiful home and the people that live here, support each other, and recover together. To learn more about the entire Friday program and to register for the event, go to the community foundation’s Facebook link about the Wildfire workshop. 

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