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Big Sur Community Emergency Response Team Graduates Emergency Training

Congratulations to Big Sur's Community Emergency Response Team! They recently graduated a class of team recruits. Martha Karsten, Big Sur CERT Team Co-captain said, "What a great day!!  We graduated 17 great new members!" CERV's mission includes supporting CERT programs in Monterey County. We offer our heartfelt congratulations to all involved!

CERT Team Training EventGraduating Class: Instructor and Volunteers

Community Emergency Response Team Big Sur GraduationFinal Exercise: Basic First Aid/Triage - Covid-19 Guidelines in Place

Big Sur CERT utilized resources and contacts to recruit new members during a pandemic. Isabelle Preti, a CERT instructor, was assisted by volunteers and enabled the class to learn about: 
  • Fire Safety
  • Handling Mass Casualty Situations
  • Safety in the After-Disaster Environment
  • Demonstrating Victim Carries
  • Head-to-Toe Assessment
  • Coaching Hands-On Practice-Victim Extrication
  • Disaster Psychology
  • Command and Control Structure
  • Cribbing

CERT has been making plans and getting folks involved with their communities while helping families through disasters and emergencies.

Volunteers and professional responders alike can come together through CERT during these emergent times and assist in educating  individuals regarding disaster preparation and response skills making current and future medical operations more manageable.

Emergency Preparedness Training Class for CERT in Big SurFinal Class: Cribbing to free victim 

CERT training also includes drills and exercises that engage volunteers while preparing them for real-world disasters. These realistic recreations give volunteers the hands-on skills they need to succeed while helping others.

Exercise During Emergency Preparedness Training for CERT of Big Sur

For more information on community preparedness through CERT, please visit ready.gov.

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