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Thank YOU for Making 2018 Great!

2018 Update Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula THANKS YOU for supporting our efforts.
"You can't predict, but you can prepare." CERV is all about making communities more resilient. We can't do it without YOU!
Board of Directors Advisory Council Lee Whitney, President Mike Brassfield Charles Chambers, Vice President Harvey Pressman Sarah Blackstone, Secretary-Treasurer Alex Albin Sean Brownlee, Information Officer Mike Castenada Dave Randall
2018 Community Activities
Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) Preparedness Fair at the Del Monte CenterJuly 4th Parade and Booth in MontereyBig Sur International Marathon: Expo and traffic controlBig Sur Half Marathon: (Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to poor air quality)CERV/Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Annual BarbequeRaised $3,885 through Monterey County Gives from donorsLaunched Monterey County Gives Campaign for 2019
2018 Projects
CERV helped establish Monterey County’s Access and Functional Needs (AFN) Working Group [CERV, Monterey County Office of Emergency Services (MCOE), Central Coast Red Cross, Central Coast Center for Independent Living, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, United Way, /211, Community Foundation for Monterey County (CFMC).] Thanks to a referral from the CFMC, CERV accepted a donation of 5,000 BackPacks from the Automobile Association of America. We also worked with AAA to distribute these during their AAA Leadership Conference in Monterey. Twenty-six local organizations/agencies/ faith-based groups serving people with disabilities, access and functional needs (AFN) received Back Packs. CERV followed up with each group to learn how and to whom they were distributed.
CERV helped organize the countywide AFN workshop at California State University – Monterey Bay (CSUMB) in October 2018.
We requested/received donation from CFMA (Community Foundation for Monterey County to support expenses the internationally known featured speaker, June Kailes.The workshop was attended by ~50 individuals representing organizations, agencies, state and local emergency service personnel.
CERV worked with “theDifference Consulting” to develop our video Series: People with Disabilities/Access and Functional Needs Video #1 featuring Kate Novoa, aka “Big Sur Kate”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMXSN4n8Wgc
CERV is working with Monterey County and Monterey City TV Channels to put spread dissemination of Kates video [Channel 28 http://www.mgtvonline.com/channel] and [Channel 25 https://monterey.org/City-Hall/The-Monterey-Channel]
Our AFN Video #2 is under development, featuring a family impacted by the Soberanes FireWe have increased our Social Media efforts significantly: December 2018 CERV now reaches 1,100 followers on Facebook.
Supported CERT “Train the Trainers” Program in Santa Cruz County. Paid fees for participants from Monterey County.
Requested/received donations from Yellow Brick Road Foundation and the Pacific Grove (PG) Volunteer Fire Department Association for purchase of needed equipment for PG CERT. Donation from PG Rotary in process.
Requested/received donation from Carmel Rotary for purchase of 2 backboards for Carmel by the Sea CERT team.Received donation for Dela Vina Container from community members for their pop up tentAttended county-wide CERT meetingsOffered support to Seaside Fire Department to support establishment of CERT program
CERV’s Big Idea for 2019. Please Help
People with disabilities are exceptionally vulnerable during and after disasters. Monterey County CERT programs currently include very few people with disabilities and thus lack their expertise as volunteer first responders, which can be invaluable in emergencies and disasters. Monterey County's Access and Functional Needs Working Group (members from CERV, Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, the Central Coast American Red Cross, and the Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL), United Way, and the Community Foundation) have identified a lack of planning for these groups as an unmet need. Because the need for active participation by people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups is essential to disaster readiness, response, relief and recovery. Our Big Idea is to recruit and support youth and adults with disabilities/health challenges/older adults to participate in CERT training across Monterey County CERT programs so they become part of the solution. To help us achieve this goal for 2019, we ask that you consider donating (no amount is too small).
We greatly appreciate you AND thank you for your consideration.
Thank you for helping us work with others to make our communities (and all people who live in them) safer and more resilient Happy Holidays. May 2019 bring you joy.

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