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Final Alert: Grant Opportunity!

CERV of the Monterey Peninsula Emergency Preparedness Grant Opportunity



The Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula (CERV) is pleased to announce that the Request for Proposals for its Mobilization for Countywide Emergency Readiness initiative will be ready for distribution in the first week of September.

A grant from the California Office of Emergency Services (CA-OES) will enable CERV to provide sub-grants of $14,000 to $21,000 to 12-15 community-based local non-profits in Monterey County. The purpose of each grant is to enhance the emergency preparedness of Monterey County’s most vulnerable and underserved populations, by funding local non-profits to substantially increase the emergency preparedness of the county’s most vulnerable and underserved populations and to strengthen the readiness of the organizations who serve them.

To be eligible, local community-based organizations (CBOs) must be a non-profit or faith-based organization with federal 501c(3) status and must serve the most vulnerable and underserved populations within Monterey County.

As a Statewide CBO Partner with CA-OES, CERV will provide the state’s Listos California campaign training and resource materials to the “sub-grantees,” who will, in turn, establish and implement tailored preparedness and training strategies that reflect the unique characteristics, needs and challenges of their vulnerable constituents.     

CERV will offer sub-grantees technical assistance in emergency preparedness, in tailoring the materials, resources and training provided by the state OES Campaign and in organizational readiness and continuity of operations so they are prepared to meet the unique needs of their constituents.   

Each Local CBO will organize its community to establish a tailored approach, which will help ensure the community:

1) Is knowledgeable about what to do during a disaster

2) Has emergency preparedness materials and access to information they need before a disaster hits.

3) Is clear on the steps to take to keep themselves, their families, and communities safe.

4) Shares their final approach and results with the county Office of Emergency Services and the statewide Support Team.  

IMPORTANT: To make sure you’re on the list to receive a copy of CERV’s Request for Proposals when issued and/or to ask any questions regarding CERV’s Mobilization for Countywide Emergency Readiness Initiative, request a copy at CERV501c3@gmail.com. You can also check our website at www.cerv501c3.org for updated project information.

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