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Disasters Strike! Will You Help???

When disasters strike, no one is more vulnerable than kids and grownups with disabilities, and older folks with functional limitations. We hear all too often about the fragile elderly in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the people on dialysis after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the woman in a wheelchair who lost her life in the recent Sonoma fire. These are the people who often need the most disaster preparation, yet too often they get the least disaster preparation.
In Monterey County, CERV has initiated a drive for funds to support improved emergency preparation among these most vulnerable groups. The money raised will go to training for specific disability populations, information outreach to disability advocates, awareness activities for first responders, etc.
We can’t predict when the next earthquake or flood will hit, but we can prepare more proactively for the day we will have to respond quickly and decisively.
Will you help? Go to Montereycountygives.com/CERV

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