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Tsunami Preparedness Week 2020

March 23 - 27

In California, the last week of March is observed as "Tsunami Preparedness Week." Local Emergency Managers are always busy during this time with planning and coordinating in an effort to mitigate these devastating hazards to the best of their ability. 

CERV Tsunami Preparedness Disaster Sign Ocean Beach

Not often does a population experience tsunamis of a catastrophic magnitude. As a result of this rarity, complacency can occur while we are relaxing on the beach and not considering that something like this could happen to us. However, any coastline, anywhere can be susceptible to this uncommon event. Prevention is not an option, but preparedness is an absolute must when it comes to tsunamis and other natural disasters.

Unfortunately, this year our country is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic currently afflicting the United States, shelter-in-place orders and social distancing precautions are rendering face-to-face information booths impossible. CERV is confident that residents are still fully capable of gaining tsunami awareness through remote resources, including the following:

The video below is another great resource since it shows a reenactment of how one might deal with the threat of a tsunami. 

For those readers who absorb information better by viewing pictures, we leave you with the illustrations below as basic guidelines to prepare yourself should one of these natural disasters occur. We hope you will join us in educating ourselves by utilizing this information and also encouraging others to do the same!

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