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CERV Disaster Prep Partner Puts Its Own House in Order

Community Emergency Response Volunteers (CERV) of the Monterey Peninsula aims to bolster disaster resilience for the most vulnerable people in Monterey County. One of our Listos California partners  Special Kids Connect, recently embarked on a project that emphasizes the importance of emergency readiness - the creation of personal emergency Go Bags for its own staff.

Getting Started: The Inception of the Project

Jacob and Daisy, Community Programs Coordinators at Special Kids Connect, set forth the idea of emergency go bags to their staff. Their objective was clear: to ensure that every staff member had a ready-to-use Go Bag and understood its importance. They began this endeavor by encouraging staff members to bring in their existing Go Bags or pictures of their at-home emergency supplies.

A Team Effort: Filling Out the Disaster Ready Guide

The Go Bag project didn't just stop at collection - it was coupled with a comprehensive walkthrough of the Disaster Ready Guide. Each staff member, together with Jacob and Daisy, filled out the guide as a team. This shared experience allowed them to learn from each other, further cementing the team's understanding of emergency readiness.

"Image showing Special Kids Connect team members reviewing the Disaster Ready Guide and preparing their own emergency Go Bags as part of their commitment to community resilience

A Glimpse into the Past: The 2020 Experience

This is not the first time that Special Kids Connect staff has undergone such a project. Back in 2020, the then five-member team had undertaken a similar initiative. Today, the team has doubled in size, and while some of the 2020 team members have moved on, their legacy of preparedness remains.

The Power of Practice: Walking the Talk

As Special Kids Connect staff are active in the community, spreading the "Get Ready!" message, it became critical for them to embody what they advocate. Jacob emphasized the importance of practicing what they preach. Hence, the Go Bag project was not just about the physical readiness but also symbolized their commitment towards emergency preparedness.

Spotlight: Special Kids Connect

Special Kids Connect is a distinctive organization known for its unyielding commitment towards making a difference in the lives of children with special needs. Their aim is to connect children with special needs to resources and experiences that help them realize their potential and partake fully in their communities.

While their mission primarily focuses on improving the lives of these children and their families, their involvement in the emergency readiness project with CERV of the Monterey Peninsula reflects their broader commitment to community safety and resilience. This initiative underscores their belief in comprehensive preparedness, not only for their staff but also for the larger community they serve. By leading with the example of preparing their Go Bags and actively participating in the Disaster Ready Guide, they set a high standard of readiness, embodying their motto of "practicing what they preach".

The dedication of the team at Special Kids Connect to promote community resilience, in addition to their primary mission, is indeed praiseworthy. This initiative goes a long way in showing their dedication towards a safer, better prepared community.


Through the Go Bag project, Special Kids Connect staff, under the guidance of Jacob and Daisy, demonstrated how emergency preparedness begins at home. In collaboration with CERV of the Monterey Peninsula and the California Listos project, they continue to educate and prepare the community for potential disasters. Their dedication to practicing what they preach serves as a shining example of community readiness and resilience.

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