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ALERT!! New Opportunity for Monterey County’s CBOs

Mobilization for Countywide Emergency Readiness:
Vulnerable Populations in Monterey County

The Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula (CERV) is pleased to announce the launch of a 19 month initiative to enhance the emergency preparedness of Monterey County’s most vulnerable and underserved populations.

Under a grant from CA’s Office of Emergency Services (CA-OES), CERV will be issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to local community based organizations (CBOs) in Monterey County that represent its most vulnerable populations, in mid-August. Organizations that respond successfully will receive grants of up to $20,000, as well as technical assistance and support from CERV.


Local CBOs who submit successful proposals to CERV will work collaboratively with CERV project staff and other county CBOs to:

  1. Conduct emergency readiness training for significant numbers of their constituents, tailored to their language, cultural and environmental needs,
  2. Provide concrete documentation regarding the unique emergency readiness needs of their constituents and the specific strategies they have developed to meet those needs.
  3. Share promising practices and tangible outcomes of their new readiness initiatives with CERV, other CERV grantees in the county, the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, and a state-wide support team.
  4. Create and implement an Organizational Readiness Improvement Plan that will enable them to respond more effectively to the needs of their constituents during an emergency or disaster.


New legislation has enabled California’s state Office of Emergency Services (OES) to distribute 11 million dollars to non-profits in eight counties, through a competitive bidding process. CERV won one of the eight grants, for Monterey County. CERV’s grant enables it to, in turn, provide emergency preparedness grants to 14-20 local community based organizations who represent and serve Monterey County’s most vulnerable and underserved populations, including (1) people with disabilities, access and functional needs, (2) individuals exhibiting social vulnerability factors, such as poverty, language barriers, social isolation, infirmities of aging and (3) those living in the county’s most disadvantaged communities.


Organizations eligible to apply for CERV grants must:

  1. Serve Monterey County’s most vulnerable communities (people with disabilities/access and functional needs; people who face language barriers, poverty, social isolation, the elderly and those in disadvantaged communities.
  2. Be a nonprofit or faith-based organization with 501 (c) (3) status serving vulnerable communities in Monterey County.
  3. Be registered and current in reporting with the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts.
  4. Be listed in good standing with both the California Secretary of State and the California Franchise Tax Board.

For questions or additional information

To make sure you’re on the list to receive a copy of CERV’s Request for Proposals when issued (mid-August) and/or to ask any questions regarding CERV’s Mobilization for County-wide Emergency Readiness Initiative contact us at You can also check our website at for updated project information.